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Prophetess Garnett

Clarion Call - An urgent call to action/ to proclaim loudly/a brass tube blown to proclaim a "loud thunder"/strategic declarations of the word of God.

Clarion Call Prayer Ministries (CCPM) was established because of a personal experience of with around the clock,

strategic prayer, fasting and declaring scriptures for Mother Maggie Brown, who came from near death to living an extended abundant life in Jesus' Name!


 CCPM continued to grow and mature into an effective force of Kingdom demonstration with teachings and prayers that manifest the power of God in the earth realm.  Prayer warriors, intercessors and the body of Christ overall are encouraged, strengthened, and see the will of God by obedience and seeking the face of God in prayer!





Prophetess Jennifer Garnett, Founder and President

Prophetess Jennifer Garnett is an Anointed Woman of God born a Brit and always will be at heart, and an American Citizen.  Her educational achievements include a Bachelor's degree in Christian Education and a Master's of Public Administration.

Prophetess Garnett is also the founder of Kingdom Strategies, an organization with God-given strategic strategies to help one prepare/apply for college and maximize their educational experience.

Prophetess Jennifer Garnett is the Mother of three beautiful, successful and, anointed daughters as well as many Spiritual sons and daughters.  She also has two amazing grandsons and is " Living Her Dreams!!!!!!!"






Prophetess Sametta Brown, Vice President


Prophetess Sametta Brown is a minister of The Gospel of Jesus Christ who teaches The Word of God under The Anointing with simplicity and power.

Prophetess Brown is a published author, radio / tv producer and host. 

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Prophetess Brown
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